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'The Guild of the Master Jesus' formed a significant part of the work of Dion Fortune's magical Fraternity alongside the Hermetic and Green Ray work. In order to develop the work of the Guild and make it available to all, she wrote and distributed a complete study course or programme of training for each role of office in the Guild: the 'Teaching Papers.' These Papers include a full description of the structure of the Guild and its various offices, a description of the nature of each role of office, a number of beautifully worded meditations, and ceremonies or rituals of admission to each stage. These Papers were originally intended for public use and we are happy to be able to include them on our website. We will post them section by section over the next few months.

You can access the Teaching Papers from here by clicking on the 'Resource Articles' tab at the top of this page.

Dion Fortune's intention in founding the Guild of the Master Jesus is made clear In the introduction to her 'Mystical Meditations on the Collects,' She comments that her studies of the esoteric aspects of the great religions of the East inspired her to seek a similar esoteric aspect within the religion of the West. She noted that she found good evidence of an esoteric Christianity in the writings of the great mystics of the Christian faith such as, for example, those of Saint John the Evangelist (John the ‘Beloved Disciple’) who is acknowledged by many scholars as the author of the Gospel of John and the Book of Revelation.

Later in the book she says: “The writings attributed to Saint John bear the clear marks of a familiarity with the Greek Mystery schools and the mystical Qabalism of Israel. The disciple whom Jesus loved was undoubtedly aware of the existence of a Secret Doctrine within the exoteric systems of the day…...there are abundant signs throughout the writings attributed to him which indicate his realisation of a potent spiritual power behind the simple revelation which was given to simple souls.

“It is this Inner Light of mystical consciousness which must illumine the Church if it is to lead us from darkness to light, from death to life. There is a deeper significance in Christianity than is contained in the rationalisations of theology…..It is this deeper revelation which we need today if Christianity is to recover its lost influence over thinking men and women.”

Above all, and throughout, she emphasizes the link between the work of the Guild of the Master Jesus and the tradition of the Holy Grail which was brought to Glastonbury by Joseph of Arimathea. The Guild is thus the 'Mystical Church of the Holy Graal.'
  1. http://dionfortune.co.uk/resources/guild-of-the-master-jesus-the-teaching-papers
JMG Accepted Answer
One of the things I've noticed consistently with publications of DNF's practical materials -- for example, the Rites of Isis and Pan, or the Guild of the Master Jesus papers -- is that reading them casts a great deal of useful light on her theoretical writings. It's one thing to read her discussions of the methods of Ignatius of Loyola in the abstract, and quite another to see how specifically she uses those methods in practice in these instructional papers -- and given that example, it's not hard to figure out how to apply the same principle to other sacred and mythic narratives.

Come to think of it, I'm going to have to reread Gareth Knight's The Rose Cross and the Goddess, or whatever it's titled these days -- some of the meditations in that book strike me as being influenced in no small way by the Ignatian method, and I managed to miss that in previous readings...
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MargaretB Accepted Answer
I quite agree with JMG's comments above that DF's practical materials cast useful light on her other writings. I note too JMG's mention of managing to miss things in previous readings. Often when reading DF's writings I find some aspect of it strikes a note with something else that I have been reading at the time, or some contemporaneous aspect of my other esoteric, or indeed exoteric, activities. It seems to read quite differently each time. Perhaps it is not a matter of missing things in the reading but that the significance to the specific reader is different at different times. I suppose too that it is a sign that DF's work is packed with a great deal of significance that has lost nothing by the passage of time.
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JMG Accepted Answer
MargaretB, I have the same experience whenever I read DF or some of her students -- WE Butler in particular. I used to read The Magician: His Training and Work once a year -- I had it on my calendar! -- and every single time I'd end up slapping my forehead with my hand and thinking, "How on earth did I miss that every other time I read this?"

It's the mark of a really good instructional book that it can keep on teaching things as the student becomes more skilled at learning.
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