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  3. Friday, 05 November 2021
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I am so pleased that the work of The Guild of the Master Jesus is being taken up again and revitalised. I know that Dion Fortune always considered that her esoteric, magical alternative to 'Churchianity' was a very important aspect of her work. She wrote a complete study and training course that includes guided meditations and a series of initiatory rites, all of which contain some fascinating material that has remained largely untouched for nearly 80 years. I am sure that anyone who takes up this work will discover it to be full of magical power.
Very best wishes to all in this new adventure!
Whitetree Accepted Answer
Wendy has graciously offered to help me get this project underway, so here goes. After discussing it with her I offered to help undertake the re-vitalization of The Guild work. We decided it should be an online group, with lesson materials as written by DF herself. So look in your hearts and if so inclined, join us in this Devotional Ray work. My username is “whitetree” and my email address, should you feel a need to discuss is > Whitetree656@yahoo.com<. Please give me a short time to re-acquaint myself with the materials and we will get rolling.
Fr. One
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JMG Accepted Answer
I'm delighted to hear that the GMJ material is being put to use again, and I'll be interested to see how this project unfolds.
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