List of Published Works by Dion Fortune, Violet M Firth and Violet M Steele

Books go in and out of print, and editions come and go with rapidity. There are in most cases more than one edition of the books listed below, some having additional commentary or a new introduction. In all cases the most recent publication is cited (so far as we are aware) but there will be many others which can be found new or second hand in bookshops and via the internet sellers; most can be found on Amazon. References to ‘DF’ mean Dion Fortune, Violet M Firth and Violet M Steele. References to ‘SIL’ mean the Society of the Inner Light. 

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Occult Fiction in order of original publication

The Secrets of Dr Taverner

Her first published work of fiction as Dion Fortune, this is a collection of short studies or case studies into paranormal pathologies and is still deemed her best fictional work by many of her fans. The Dr Taverner of the book is based on a real person, believed to be Dr Moriarty, who was for a time Dion Fortune's teacher and who did run a mysterious clinic. Dr Taverner runs a strange esoteric nursing home aimed at freeing souls suffering from various forms of super-normal pathology that normal psychological methods cannot cure. His cases include vampirism, possession, shape shifting, faery, reincarnation and psychic attack. Dion Fortune in her introduction states that every case has a foundation in fact. She goes on to say “To ‘Dr Taverner’ I owe the greatest debt of my life; without ‘Dr. Taverner’ there would have been no ‘Dion Fortune,’ and to him I offer the tribute of these pages”.

Dion Fortune, The Secrets of Dr. Taverner’(Weiser Books reprint, 2011) ISBN 978-1578633371 240pp

Kindle edition available


The Demon Lover

Her first published novel (1927) under her pen name, this is an interesting study in the abuses of magic for personal gain by the dark practitioner Lucas, initially by the use of hypnosis to gain power over Veronica to further his own magical ambitions. However he doesn’t get it all his own way, for there are other forces at work both within himself and without, which in the end are both his undoing and his redemption. A gentle novel that is also a fascinating study of power, attraction, love, death, karma and redemption. There is much occult teaching in its pages.

Dion Fortune, The Demon Lover (Weiser Books 2nd edition, 2010) ISBN 978-1578634927 288 pp

Kindle edition available


“It is because my novels are packed with such things as these (symbolism directed to the subconscious) that I want my students to take them seriously. The ‘Mystical Qabalah’ gives the theory, but the novels give the practice. Those who read the novels without having studied the Qabalah will get hints and a stimulus to their subconscious. Those who study the Qabalah without reading the novels will get an interesting intellectual jig-saw puzzle to play with; but those who study the ‘Mystical Qabalah’ with the help of the novels get the keys of the Temple put into their hands. As Our Lord said: ‘Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost?’” – Dion Fortune


The above quotation is particularly true of her later novels.


The Winged Bull

Ted Murchison, a former army officer in WW1, has drifted aimlessly since being demobbed and wanders into the British Museum rather than go home to his dreary clergyman brother and his wife. Here he sees and is impressed with one of the Assyrian winged bulls that seems almost alive. Murchison then finds himself spontaneously beginning an invocation to Pan.  As you do. What he gets is not the Great God Pan but Colonel Brangwyn his old superior officer who appears out of the mist. Brangwyn needs him to help save his sister Ursula from Black Magic and the clutches of an evil magician. A ripping evocative occult yarn with a hero rescuing damsel in distress themed romance on the surface, but a study too in relationships, polarity, black and white magic, dark against light. And a lot of esoteric clues.  

Dion Fortune, The Winged Bull (Aziloth Books, 2014) ISBN 978-1909735606, 140pp

Kindle edition available


The Goat Foot God

The Great God Pan is the goat foot god of the title and here as in the last novel, The Winged Bull, there is a three way relationship of an older man overseeing the relationship of a younger man and woman, as well as acting as instructor in the magical arts. In addition there is the influence of the 15th century monk Ambrosius who haunts the ruined monastery that Hugh Paston purchases and converts into a temple to Pan. Hugh is on a journey of self discovery, and discovers a lot more besides. A good tale with a lot of occult instruction. This edition includes a forward by Gareth Knight.

Dion Fortune, The Goat Foot God (Red Wheel/Weiser, 1980) ISBN 978-0877285007 

Kindle edition available 


The Sea Priestess

Wilfred Maxwell is a bit of a loner, a successful estate agent who wants to be an artist. During one of his asthmatic attacks and the aftermath has a vivid dream where he sees the approach of a Sea Priestess. Not long after, he is summoned to meet his client Miss Vivien le Fay Morgan, who was an old client of his father’s and has a surprisingly youthful appearance.  She engages him to restore and decorate an old sea fort. Thus is the scene set for magical full moon workings and visions against the background of the sea, involving the powerful inner presence of the Priest of the Moon and the ‘Fires of Azrael.’ Again there is much teaching to be found within these pages, as well as a very good story.  

Dion Fortune, The Sea Priestess (RedWheel/Weiser, 2003)  ISBN 978-1578632909, 320 pp


Moon Magic

A sequel to The Sea Priestess and Dion Fortune's last novel. Vivien le Fay Morgan returns this time as Lilith le Fay, now living in London alongside the Thames. With the use of telepathy she pulls in the very successful but emotionally repressed Dr Rupert Malcolm to help her work and to train as her priest. Her fictional home and temple is based on an actual building, The Belfry, where in the 1930s the Rites of Isis and Pan were publicly performed. The third protagonist in this novel is Malcolm’s invalid wife whose presence and illness severely test him: a necessary part of his progress along the Path and towards the climax of the novel.

Dion Fortune, Moon Magic (Red Wheel/Weiser, 2003) ISBN 978-1578632893, 236 pp

Kindle edition available 



Non-fiction listed alpabetically

Applied Magic

A collection of articles on various aspects of magic. This isn’t really a book about magical application so much as a series of short introductory chapters and advice on such subjects as the Occult Way, Group Mind, the Psychology of Ritual, Black Magic, a general treatise on the Occult Way, Non-Humans, the Circuit of Force, Kinds of Reality.  

Dion Fortune, Applied Magic (Red Wheel/Weiser, 2000) ISBN 978-1578631858, 136 pp

Also available with ‘Aspects of Occultism’ in one volume, (Aquarian Press 1995,) ISBN 978-0850306651, 176 pp This composite book is out of publication but still widely available.

Aspects of Occultism

A collection of short essays on God and the Gods, Sacred Centres, Christianity and Reincarnation, The Astral Plane, the Worship of Isis, Meditation, the Aura, Pitfalls of Spiritual Healing, Power Tides and Cycles, a chapter on the death of Vivien Le Fay Morgan (the chief protagonist of her last two novels) and a postscript on the Round Table Myths.    

Dion Fortune, Aspects of Occultism (Red Wheel/Weiser, 2000) ISBN 978-1578631865, 112pp

The Circuit of Force

Subtitled ‘Occult Dynamics of the Etheric Vehicle,’Gareth Knight has gathered together this series of articles called ‘The Circuit of Force’ which were originally published between 1939 and 1940 as instalments in ‘The Inner Light’ magazine. Alongside this collection are GK’s five insightful commentaries which expand and give some background to the articles. The essays deal with yoga, the Mysteries of the East and West, the etheric double and psychic centres, magnetism, the Astral Light and other aspects of energy work crucial to magical working. It is not a workbook but provides much very useful information as to how magic works.

Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight, The Circuit of Force (Thoth Publications, 1998) ISBN 978-1870450287, 254 pp

The Cosmic Doctrine

One reading is not enough for this complex book, but persevere; the material was channelled through the trance mediumship of Dion Fortune and deals with cosmology, creation and evolution on a cosmic scale. It begins at the very beginning: the creation of the Universe as communicated by higher beings to Dion Fortune. It continues through the first manifestation, the first trinity, the beginning of the solar system and its cosmic influences. It continues through the evolving of the Great Entities, the Lords of Flame and Form, the planets, the birth of consciousness and the building of the planes, the evolution of the seed atoms that become the life swarms of humanity, and the Universal Laws by which we must all exist. The book concludes with additional material not available in earlier editions and which was channelled at a later date. This helpful section elucidates some of the concepts set out in the main body of the work and is written in less archaic terms.

Dion Fortune, The Cosmic Doctrine (Red Wheel/Weiser, revised edition 2003) ISBN 978-1578631605, 212 pp  

Kindle edition available


The Esoteric Orders and their Work

An introduction and overview of the Western Mystery Tradition, its origins, its division into occult schools and fraternities, the approach and workings of those schools and their inner plane contacts known as The Masters.  It is a helpful summary and companion to her ‘Training and Work of Initiate’ and is just as valid and useful now as it was when first published.    

Dion Fortune, The Esoteric Orders and their Work (Weiser Books, revised edition 2000) ISBN 9781578631841, 160 pp  

Kindle edition available


Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage

Dion Fortune explains clearly the esoteric principles of polarity between the sexes, and upon the different planes of existence.  After introductory chapters that set down some basic esoteric concepts for the beginner she discusses and explains the esoteric aspects of relationships, not only in marriage and partnerships but also in groups and families. Chapters cover subjects such as karmic ties, positive and negative effects on the different planes, soul mates, marriage, children, abstinence, promiscuity and unnatural use of the sex function.  She combines her knowledge and experience of psychology and the occult to explain these principles.

Dion Fortune, Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage (Red Wheel/Weiser, revised edition 2000) ISBN 978 1578631582 104 pp


Glastonbury, Avalon of the Heart

A guide to the magical, religious and spiritual sites and myths of Glastonbury written in beautifully evocative prose. Topics covered include the Graal, Wearyall Hill and the Holy Thorn, Glastonbury Abbey and its Monks, the Tor, Avalon and Atlantis, Merlin, Arthur and Joseph of Arimathea, Bligh Bond and his psychic archaeology. 

Dion Fortune,Glastonbury: Avalon of the Heart (Red Wheel/Weiser, 2003) ISBN 978-1578631575, 112 pp

Kindle edition also available


Introduction to Ritual Magic

A very good working textbook for those learning magic. Gareth Knight has collected together a number of Dion Fortune's articles and papers to compile this book and added his own commentary to each chapter. Emphasis is on proper mind training and discipline without which no true magic may be done. Chapters include uses and form of Ritual, Psychic Perception, Initiation, Use and Purposes of Magic and building a Ceremony. It ends with the original High Cross Temple Working which, with variants and derivatives is still actively in use by magical fraternities. This is magic as it really is.

Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight, An Introduction to Ritual Magic (Thoth Publications, second edition 2008) ISBN 978-1870450263, 242 pp


The Magical Battle for Britain

Dion Fortune wrote this series of 136 letters to members of her Fraternity of the Inner Light at the outbreak of World War II. They consist of a series of visualisations for members to undertake as a way of evoking angelic protection and reinforcing public morale from an inner level. She continued to write them from her home in London throughout the Blitz. Later they were made available to non-members of the SIL who wished to take part in the work. They include information received through her mediumship as well as her own practical and down to earth approach to the war situation and inner work. The letters are presented alongside some excellent and explanatory commentary by Gareth Knight.

Dion Fortune, edited with commentary by Gareth Knight, The Magical Battle of Britain  (Skylight Press 2012) ISBN 9781908011459, 184pp

The Mystical Qabalah

Her classic exposition on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, exploring the many patterns on the Tree, the Lightning Flash, the Triangles, the four dimensions or Worlds, the relationship between each of the Sephiroth, the patterns they form on the three pillars, and the correspondences.  Each of the Sephiroth is described in a separate chapter with an illuminating explanation of its function and meaning. It has never been out of print since first published and deservedly so. It does not deal with the 22 connecting paths; that was to be another volume which was never completed. It is a seminal work for those treading the path of the Western Mystery Tradition.  

Dion Fortune, The Mystical Qabalah, (Create Space Independent Publishing Platform, 2015) ISBN 978-1519768995, 210 pp

Kindle edition available


Mystical Meditations on the Collects

Church goers current and lapsed will be familiar with the Sunday Collects which are part of the liturgy of the Anglican Church. They are simple prayers included in Sunday services, Saints Days, High Days and other Church services. Dion Fortune takes them in turn and expands on the keynote of each, giving much food for thought and a basis for our own meditations upon the spiritual and esoteric themes presented in each prayer. Examples of some of the keynotes are Compassion, Self Discipline, Mystical Understanding, The Joy of the Spirit. Courage. There are 83 in all, and you can follow the Church year with them or just dip in and find the one that resonates with you at that time, for their themes are Universal.

Dion Fortune, Mystical Meditations on the Christian Collects (Ishtar Publishing, 2006) ISBN 0978053419, 172pp


Practical Occultism

A greatly expanded version of the original book ‘Practical Occultism in Daily Life. It retains the original complete text but includes additional material supplied from the SIL archives by Gareth Knight. He has also added a short introduction or commentary to each chapter.  Chapters include essays on Basic Principles, Meditation and use of the Imagination, Astral Magic, Reincarnation and past life recall, Karma, Divination, use and abuse of Mind Power, what she refers to as Etheric Magnetism which includes nature and elemental contacts, and Polarity. There is also a chapter entitled ‘The Literature of Illuminism’ which was her overview of the occult literature available around the time of her writing - 1930. The final bonus is an essay by Dion Fortune's friend Marie Fornario (pseudonym Mac Tyler) on Fiona Macleod’s ‘The Immortal Hour’ as set to music by Rutland Boughton.  

Dion Fortune, Practical Occultism (Thoth Publications, 2002) ISBN 1870450477, 187pp


Principles of Esoteric Healing

This is a collection of papers and articles written by Dion Fortune and brought together in book form by Gareth Knight. Originally discovered in the SIL archives as a bundle of files headed Esoteric Therapeutics they were found to be the records of her mediumship and communication with an inner plane contact she knew as ‘the Master of Medicine.’ These communications were received and written as early as 1921 through until at least 1942. It was always intended that they should be put together as a book although it was unfortunately not published until now.

This collection includes an introduction by Gareth Knight and contains chapters on Esoteric Philosophy and Healing, Esoteric Anatomy, Classification of Diseases, Esoteric Diagnosis, Therapeutic Methods, the Centres or Chakras, and the Etheric Double.  

Dion Fortune, edited by Knight, Principles of Esoteric Healing (Thoth Publications, 2006 ) ISBN 978 1 870450850


Principles of Hermetic Philosophy and The Esoteric Philosophy of Astrology

Two books in one. ‘Principles of Hermetic Philosophy’ is Dion Fortune's last work, initially written as monthly letters between 1942 and 1944. The lectures cover Basic Hermetic Principles and applications, the Tree of Life, Polarity, the Aura, Astrology, and Life Energies of the Aura. 

‘The Esoteric Philosophy of Astrology’ covers occult elements of Astrology, Astrology and Esoteric Psychology, Astrology and Reincarnation, Astrology and Initiation, the three later planets and the Tree of Life.  

In both books there are additional helpful commentaries by Gareth Knight.

Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight, Principles of Hermetic Philosophy (Thoth Publications, 1999) ISBN 978-1870450348, 208 pp   


Psychic Self Defence

This is still regarded as one of the best manuals on psychic attack and gives an insight into the type of phenomena that might be encountered and how to deal with them. This is also a casebook of some of Dion Fortune's personal experiences and was written after she had undergone a powerful psychic attack herself. Importantly, she distinguishes between actual objective attack and subjective disturbances and shows readers how to diagnose an actual attack. She gives various methods of defence, all of which work well. It’s a classic, and while some say the writing is a little dated that detracts not at all from the quality of the work and its undoubted value. If you are going to practice any form of magic then you need to learn methods of defence even if they only calm your own mind, because often that is all that’s needed.

Dion Fortune, Psychic Self Defence: The Classic Instruction Manual for Protecting yourself against Paranormal Attack (Weiser books, revised edition 2011) ISBN 978-1578635092 272pp 

Kindle edition available


Dion Fortune’s Rites of Isis and Pan

A hybrid of work by Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight. This book contains the full texts of the Rite of Isis and the Rite of Pan as alluded to in her novels, particularly The Sea Priestess, Moon Magic and The Goat Foot God, as well as information on the ritual working in The Winged Bull. Both rites were also at one time staged publicly at a converted church in Belgravia, ‘The Belfry,’ in the 1930s. The book also contains Gareth Knight’s introduction and commentary. It concludes with some additional material in the form of Appendices which were originally articles and written-up trance mediumship sessions of Dion Fortune which were mostly published in ‘The Inner Light’ and ‘Occult Review’ in the 1930s.   

Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight, Dion Fortune’s Rites of Isis and Pan (Skylight Press, 2013) ISBN 978-19098011770, 140pp


Sane Occultism/What is Occultism

Original title ‘Sane Occultism’ but republished as ‘What is Occultism,’ this has the benefit of a 12 page introduction by Gareth Knight. Otherwise it’s the same book, the new title being taken from the chapter heading right at the beginning of the book. You can read the introduction online on the Kindle edition for free on Amazon. However, it needed a re-issue as the old editions are rare and expensive. This new edition includes an index.

The book is an overview and presentation of occultism in its many aspects and is indeed a sane and sensible approach. Its subjects include some basic questions concerning the use and deeper issues of Occultism, plus chapters on Meditation and Psychism, Use and Abuse of Astrology, Records of Past Lives, Numerology and Prophecy, Group Karma, Secrecy, The Left Hand Path; Eastern Methods and Western Bodies, Vegetarianism, Immorality, Standards and Ideals. A very useful overview and companion. 

Dion Fortune, What is Occultism ( Red Wheel/Weiser, 2001) ISBN 978-1578632237, 198 pp

Kindle edition available


Spiritualism and Occultism

This book consists of the original collection of Dion Fortune's articles published as ‘Spiritualism in the Light of Occult Science,’ in c1930. However this 1999 edition adds much in the form of additional writings which Gareth Knight has collected and which form the commentaries along with his own introductions. Dion Fortune was a gifted medium as well as an occultist but for a long time her mediumship was little known outside her immediate circle.  There is some invaluable material here including her techniques and practice of trance mediumship, inner contacts and their different forms, the Masters and planes of consciousness.

Dion Fortune, edited and with commentary by Gareth Knight, Spiritualism and Occultism (Thoth Publications, second edition 2006) ISBN 978-1870450850, 176 pp


Through the Gates of Death

First published in 1930, this book explains the different phases of death and the ‘second death,’; what we can do to assist those who are passing or have passed over; when not to make contact and when it is safe to do so, so as not to impede the progress of the soul who has departed. It also explains how sudden or violent death needs a different approach (including a simple rite for the assistance of such souls) and says something of the states of consciousness known as ‘purgatory’ and ‘heaven.’  There is also advice on how to meet your own death.

Dion Fortune, Through the Gates of Death (Red Wheel/Weiser, 2000)  ISBN 978-1578631537, 178 pp


The Training and Work of an Initiate

This book, together with its companion volume ‘Esoteric Orders and their Work,’ summarises the basic ground plan for those following the Path to initiation in the Western Mystery Tradition. This core manual is divided into three parts: Ethical, Theoretical and Practical which together give details and practical help for the approach, ideals, preparation and training of a would-be initiate. Dion Fortune also discusses the respective merits of the mystical and occult approach. An important chapter is that dealing with the Path of the Hearth-Fire, which emphasises that those who for personal and family reasons cannot actively be part of a Lodge or undergo formal training, can still walk the Path. As always her advice is clear, practical and sensible. This newest edition includes an introduction by Gareth Knight.

Dion Fortune, The Training and Work of an Initiate (Weiser books, revised edition 2000) ISBN 978-1578631834, 144 pp


Works as Violet M Firth

The Machinery of the Mind

Originally presented as a series of lectures, and much influenced by Freud, this short guide to the workings of the mind is nevertheless a useful basic overview. It covers in brief such matters as instincts and the instinctual mind, complexes, repression and sublimation, symbology, fantasies, dreams and delusions. Not a text book by any means but it points you in the right direction and flags up the ideals of any human being, not just budding or practising magicians.

Violet M Firth, The Machinery of the Mind ( 2012) ISBN 978-1291046090,  68pp

Kindle edition available


More Violets

This is a charming collection of early poetry and prose. In Violet’s own words ‘the whole of the following poems and essays (with the exception of a portion of the last poem) were written at the age of fourteen; the prose being written as school essays’. They are mostly nature poems, essays and hymns and despite being written so young are already revealing her later style. She had written the companion volume ‘Violets’ the previous year but that at present is out of print and rare. This volume is a reprint of the original Jarrold edition.

Violet M Firth, More Violets ( Bibliolife 2009) ISBN 9781110695782, 84pp (paperback) and 

Andesite Press 2015 ISBN 978-1298528681, 84 pp (hardcover)


The Problem of Purity

The title possibly belies its contents which are a frank discussion on attitudes towards sex and sexuality, and the control and sublimation of the sex force into higher spiritual energy for the greater good.  Some of the views seem a little old fashioned or out of step with our modern standards but the principles are founded on ancient wisdom.

V.M Firth, The Problem of Purity (Red Wheel/Weiser, 1980) ISBN 978-0877285069 128 pp


Non-Occult Works currently out of print and rare

The Psychology of the Servant Problem

Subtitled ‘A study in social relationships’  

Violet M Firth, The Psychology of the Servant Problem – a study in social relationships ( C. W. Daniel, 1925) 96pp

The Soya Bean: An Appeal to Humanitarians 

Violet M Firth, The Soya Bean: an Appeal to Humanitarians (C. W. Daniel and Co, 1925) ASIN B001OJMHNE


An early work of fiction 

Violet M Firth, Time,( Self Published, 1909)  ASIN: B0008BELWE


Poetry and prose written when 13 years old

Matins and Vespers

Subtitled ‘Being songs and prayers of the daily orisons written by Violet M. Firth for the glory of God and the comfort of men.’

Violet M Firth, Matins and Vespers (Paul Elder, 1911) ASIN: B0006EMW38

Work as Violet M Steele now out of print

The Scarred Wrists

A work of fiction


Written and compiled by Elin